Russell Thompkins Jr. - (the Stylistics)  Since we completed his solo album, A Matter of Style, Russell has been touring with The New Stylistics, and I've been in the studios at GFI productions mixing one of the live recordings of their show, complete with a full orchestra.  Great stuff!  There's a lot of energy in this performance, and Russell and the band sound fantastic!  This will contain all of Russ' greatest multi-platinum hits, plus material from the new album, and will be a big release, coming out in multiple CD and DVD formats.

Jay Proctor - (formerly of Jay and the Techniques)  Continuing work with Jay, we've recorded a full-length of new songs under Forevermore Records.  Production has been at GFI Productions and Calabrese Studios, and this R&B CD has come along great.  ...think: Barry White's vocals meet R Kelly's music.

John Ellison - The famed writer of the hit "Some Kind of Wonderful" came into the studio recently to record a new version of another of his songs. Originally performed with The Soul Brothers Six, and previously called "Love Is Not All", the song has been completely reworked, including lyrical content, and is now called "The Best Is Yet To Come". It's a great new twist, with John's familiar heart-felt vocal delivery, hopefully making this another track to push John further into the hall of fame.

The Invictas - The Invictas were one of the 60's leading garage bands.  Their record The Hump made it to the Top 100 list in America.  Their music is straight ahead rock and roll that will get you out of your seat and onto the dance floor.  Now performing a reunion tour, the band is back, playing both their previous hits plus some new material.  At GFI Productions, we've been mixing and mastering a live recording of one of their shows (recorded by Ashly Audio founder Bill Thompson).  This will be released on CD as well as DVD and will be used to help raise money for Leukemia research.

Kierra Kwan - I just finished working on Kierra's solo debut at Richard IV Studios.  The CD is kind of a cross between Joss Stone, Alicia Keys, Ciara, and Christina Aguilera.  Please check it out, 'cause Kierra's got a great voice and she's movin' up fast!  The CD isn't even out yet, and she's already got major label interest!
Visit to listen to Kierra's music.  More information on the CD, photos, lyrics, shows, and site updates will be available soon.  Contact Management: Richard IV.
Kierra made her recording debut in 2004 on Scattered Ink's CD, Save Naïve, at the age of 14.  Kierra's voice in the hard rock band's haunting duet, Merlot, continues to generate thousands of fans around the world for Scattered Ink, while stirring an overwhelming interest in Kierra's upcoming CD release.

Mary Ellen Hayden - Mary Ellen is a great talent, working with bands such as The Time Bandits, Nick and the Nice Guys, The Invictas, guest spots on Jay Proctor's upcoming album, work for Star Grams Entertainment, singing the national anthem for the Rochester Red Wings, the Amerks and the Rochester Rhinos, and lots and lots of commercial work for TV and radio.  Mary Ellen is now in the process of recording a CD of her own at GFI Productions, which is being produced by Alan Murphy.  It's a blend of blues, soul, and rock-n-roll, comprised of a combination of original tunes and covers.  The outstanding musicianship backing Mary Ellen's great voice is really making this one stand out!

Candella - Currently recording a full-length CD / video series soundtrack at Richard IV Studios, Candella has been chosen to headline the From Start to Stitches DVD series featuring UFC fighter Stephan Bonnar, the life of, and will be featured on a compilation CD set to be released in the near future.  This will also include a six month tour.  For more information check out

The Sunstreak - (formerly One Year Nothing)  Recording was done by the band at their home studio, and I've done mixing and mastering at Richard IV Studios.  This is a great blending of attention to arrangements with maintaining of the emotional impact.  A very good band, kind of a blend of hard rock and powerpop, so definitely check into them.

Serenity Falls - A unique combination of prog rock led by female vocals.  The band has recently released their first EP, recorded at Richard IV Studios.  Look for shows in the Rochester, NY area.